Tail Gate For Dogs
830 N. Addison Avenue
Elmhurst, Illinois 60126
p. 630.834.3030
f. 630.626.3730
emergency phone:
Mon - Fri: 6:30am – 7pm
Sat - Sun: 7am – 11am, 4pm – 7pm
Sat.-Sun. closed 11am-4pm.
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We at Tail Gate take very seriously our responsibility to our neighbors, our customers, our Mother Earth and our canine friends. As conscientious members of the community, we have put into place a number of socially responsible initiatives:
  • We have located our premises in an area zoned for industrial use, to avoid any negative impact
    on residential areas.
  • We have reached out to dog rescue organizations and offered temporary use of our kennels. We know that many strays would make good pets, and we want to do what we can to help them find homes. Because they have not been thoroughly screened, rescued dogs are kept segregated from other dogs under our care.
  • We require all our daycare dogs older than 6 months of age to have been spayed or neutered. The world doesn’t need any more unwanted pets.
  • We have installed a state-of-the-art HVAC system to reduce our carbon footprint and promote energy efficiency.
  • We have installed sewer traps to ensure that inappropriate materials do not enter the city’s sewer system.
  • We use biodegradable bags for the disposal of dog droppings. We are looking into the possibility of composting dog poo to keep it entirely out of the waste stream.