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Monthly Archives: May 2016

Guard Dog

Toad is making sure no other Tail Gaters bother his best friend, Bronco, during his daily nap. Our Tail Gaters have the best personalities! 


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Please join us in wishing our Tail Gaters, Bexley and Mac, a very PAWsome first birthday! Bexley and Mac decided to come and party at Tail Gate to celebrate their birthdays – which are on the same day! How exciting! We are so lucky to have such wonderful Tail Gaters! Happy Birthday boys! We hope we made your first birthday the best of many to come! 

Bexley Birthday 5-20-16Mac  birthday

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What a Daredevil!


Coda is showing off to all the ladies at Tail Gate. He’s jumping as far as he can off the bridge. The ladies love daredevils. 

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Baby Pools!

Our Tail Gaters are super excited that the weather finally broke and the sun is shining! It’s finally becoming a nice, warm summer and the baby pools are officially out! Bailey is already hogging on baby pool but there’s more coming! 


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Pet Parent Day!

We would like to thank all of our wonderful Pet Parents because they do such an amazing job! Yesterday, we celebrated all of our Tail Gaters parents with a picture of their dog and some refreshments! We are so lucky to have such amazing Tail Gaters and amazing moms and dads! We are so lucky! 

Nina on pet parent day

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Tail Gater of the Week

TGOTW Gryffin

Please join us in congratulating this week’s Tail Gater of the Week, GRYFFIN! Gryffin has been coming to daycare since he was a puppy and we love being able to watch him grow up and make so many memories. We love when he bursts through the door to see and play with all of his friends. Gryffin is such a sweet boy and we are so happy he’s part of our Tail Gate family! YAY, Gryffin!!!

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Pool Time!

Mosley is growing a bit impatient for the pool to open for the summer. He keeps on splashing and playing in every rain puddle, water bowl, and kiddie pool possible at Tail Gate. 


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At Tail Gate, our Tail Gaters love playing all kinds of games, especially Tag. Lucy just tagged Mostley so now he is “IT” which comes as a surprise to him.  


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The Big Bang Theory

Sunny is a hug fan of The Big Bang Theory and in some ways takes after Sheldon Cooper, especially when it comes to her spot. At Tail Gate, Sunny’s spot is on top of the bridge. So, as Sheldon Cooper says, “You’re in my spot.” 


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“Hey Gus! How did you get up here?”

Bailey is determined to find a way on top of the bridge at Tail Gate. Because of how small he is, he is unable to jump that high but we love seeing the determination on his face when he tries. 


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