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Monthly Archives: April 2016


Gryffin is having the time of his life at Tail Gate romping around with all of his friends! He’s trying his hardest to keep his ears straight up naturally like a German Shepherd (since he is part German Shepherd), but they don’t seem to stay up. 


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Fashion show!

Tilly is showing off her beautiful coat and gorgeous smile for all the boys to see. She thinks Tail Gate is a fashion show and she’s absolutely right! Tilly should definitely look into becoming a model. It comes so naturally to her. 


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Modeling Pose

Our Tail Gaters love stopping in the middle of play to pose for the camera. They know their PAWrents love it! 



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It’s so cute seeing our Tail Gaters act like little kids. Murphy is telling Zuzu about her big crush on Gryffin. Of course, Gryffin is listening in since he has a crush on Murphy too. 


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Joke Time!

It’s joke time at Tail Gate! Macks always has the best jokes!
“Hey Scout! What is it called when a cat wins a dog show? A CAT-HAS-TROPHY!”


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Toad is always excited for picture time. He loves getting in front of the camera and modeling his best poses for Tail Gate. One day he hopes to star in a Tail Gate magazine if we start making one. 


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Maciver is one happy boy. When his parents go on vacation, he gets to spend his vacation at Tail Gate with all of his friends. He can never wait to come in the door and he always howls to let everyone know that he has arrived to play! 

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It’s time to snuggle

After running around all morning playing tag at Tail Gate, Batman Bella and Casey trying to take a nap while spooning. They are so cute! 


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It’s PAWTY time!

Please join us in wishing this beautiful coffee lover, Rosie, a very PAWsome birthday! Rosie has an absolute blast with all of her girlfriends at daycare and she is always in the mood to race! We are so happy to be celebrating her birthday today!

 rosie birthday

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Tuco is so happy that the weather is finally breaking and spring is on it’s way! Good thing too, because at Tail Gate we get to be outside during the spring and summer all day long with kiddie pools, sprinklers, and friends. We may be a daycare, but when your furry loved ones are here, we are an amusement park! 

smiling Tuco

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