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Monthly Archives: March 2016


Dempsey and Penny are inseparable when they are at Tail Gate together. They have the biggest crush on each other and they make sure all of their friends know they’re a couple! It’s so cute! 

Dempsey and Penny

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Spring Break

Zasha and Trixie love playing together during their vacation at Tail Gate. It’s Spring Break and these two best friends are ready to PAWty! 

trixie and zasha

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Lucy loves playing with all of her friends at Tail Gate, but one of her most favorites games is conquering the bridge! She has a blast pretending to be Queen all day long! 

Lucy and the bridge

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The Bridge

Our Tail Gaters love hanging out on the bridge. Especially Bear, who hogs the center of it because he thinks he’s King of Tail Gate. 


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Tail Gater of the Week

Please join us in congratulating this week’s Tail Gater of he Week, MACIE! Macie is always full of energy and ready to play with all of her friends! 


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Time To Play

hide and seek

Bear and Gryffin are having a blast at Tail Gate playing hide-and-seek. Can you spot Gryffin? I think Bear did! 

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Agility time!


Rosie loves showing off her agility at Tail Gate. It gives her a chance to show all of her friends and attendants her talents.

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Kiss between Boyfriend and Girlfriend

Max loves spoiling his girlfriend, Lena, at Tail Gate. Although they don’t like to kiss each other all day long in front of their friends, he enjoys blowing her kisses randomly throughout the day.

blowing a kiss 

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Tail Gate Smile

Hank has an absolute blast being able to run outside on beautiful days at Tail Gate. He loves to race and play tag with all of his friends. 

Hank running

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Simon Says

Simon says everyone look right at Tail Gate. The game is on! 


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