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Monthly Archives: August 2015


Hank and the ball

We are so excited whenever we are able to capture the true happiness of our Tail Gaters in the pictures we take. As you can see here, Hank is having an absolute blast pouncing on his tennis ball during a great day of daycare. We are always eager to see the smiles we capture on our Tail Gaters’ faces. It is very rewarding when we see how happy our Tail Gaters are when they are here, at their home away from home. We hope to see your pups giant smile soon! 

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We are Family <3


Here at Tail Gate we are more than friends, we are family. All of our attendants love to hang out with each other and have an absolute blast while at work. Yesterday, after our meeting, we decided to have even more fun by having an attendant party. We had some snacks and tie-dyed our new t-shirts! The attendants had a great time and we are so lucky to have such wonderful people who work so hard, as one big team.


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Farley and Molly are just two strangers who met at Tail Gate and became fast friends. They have fallen in love and are inseparable when ever they are able to play with each other. Sometimes, the best of friends or relationships happen when you least expect them to. Once they meet, it’s a lifelong friendship! 

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It’s a party!!!


Hey everyone!  You are all invited to our annual Dogstravaganza on Sunday, August 30th from 11am – 2pm!!!!! There will be food, music, a face painter, venders, open pool for swimming, and much much more!!! Come bring the family, bring your pup, and have an absolute blast with the Tail Gate family! We hope to see everyone there! 

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New Experiences

magic swimming


When our clients adopt their pets either from breeders or rescues, they are surprised to find out what their new pups like to do. One of our clients adopted their new dog Magic (as seen in the picture) and were surprised to find out that she LOVES the water. When Magic comes to Tail Gate she can never wait for her turn in the water; she enjoys playing in the sprinkler, splashing in the kiddie pools, and swimming in the big pool. Tail Gate helps provide these experiences and new adventures for your pups. We can’t wait to meet your puppy soon and help her find out her favorite activity! 

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Age is Just a Number

You’d be surprised to find out that your pups personality can show a different age when he/she is with their friends at Tail Gate. We have pups that come here ranging from 4 months old to 16 years old, but if we never told you their age, you would never know. When they play with their friends and enjoy their day here at Tail Gate, their personalities being to change; from chasing the tennis balls to splashing in the kiddie pools, their happiness and excitement from their puppy days, shows again. 

ageage 2

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Spontaneous Ideas!

callie tieSometimes Tail Gate employees spice up the daycare day by coming up with spontaneous ideas to help our clients see how much fun we have. Our most recent spontaneous idea was to dress up our Tail Gaters in work ties! We had so much fun putting different colored ties on the different pups and our clients really loved it. Of course, when we do something unique and fun we always make sure to take pictures and then post them on our facebook. So if you haven’t already, “like” us on facebook and see all the pictures of the random fun we have at Tail Gate! Our Tail Gaters have just as much fun (if not more) as our attendants.  

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Fun in the Sun!

Since summer decided to finally arrive, we are having an absolute blast playing with all of our Tail Gaters in the sprinkler. They seem to love it! Whether its jumping around in the water droplets, chasing the moving water, drinking from it, or laying in the chilled water as it comes around, our Tail Gaters are extremely excited about the sprinkler and are having the time of their lives when they are here. We hope to meet your pup soon and see their smiling face as they have a great time at Tail Gate!  


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Tail Gater of the Week!!!

Congratulations Putter!!!! You are such a handsome boy!!!! 


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The Birthday Girl!


Happy birthday, Izzy! We are so happy you decided to celebrate your first birthday with us! 

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