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Monthly Archives: July 2015

The 3rd Annual Elmhurst Cycling Classic



Tail Gate was a proud sponsor of the 3rd Annual Elmhurst Cycling Classic. Tail Gate sponsored the Men’s Category 2/3 Race and had a tent at this amazing, local event! One our Tail Gaters, Buddy got to go on winner’s podium during the race while our trainer, Monica, led him through a series of tricks. Tail Gate had so much fun participating in this event and can’t wait to do it again next year!


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Chelsea 1

Don’t forget, Tail Gate also offers training by The Fine Canine School Of Training! We host all sorts of classes such as Puppy Kindergarten, Family Dog, A.K.C. Good Citizen, Therapy Dog, Rally Obedience, and more! We are very lucky we get to say we are a one stop shop! Chelsea, the German Shepherd puppy in the picture, has just signed up for Family Dog. We know she will do great and she is super excited to meet all of the other dogs in the class and make lots of new friends! Hopefully she’ll make friends with your puppy too!  

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Reunited and it feels so good!


You will never guess some of the amazing things that can happen at a doggy daycare! Well, here is a short story of one. Nancy, our kennel manager, is here with her dog Jessie (left) and Jessie’s biological litter mate Misty (right). Nancy fell in love with both dogs when she met them, but was only able to adopt one at the time.  After a few months go by she gets a phone call from another woman named Nancy (ironic right?) asking about Tail Gate. Misty’s mom, Nancy, then brought Misty to Tail Gate on the same day Jessie was here. The two girls hit it off and they were so excited to play together;

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The Birthday Girl!

siena birthDAY

We’d like to take a moment and wish one of our amazing Tail Gaters, Siena, a very happy birthday! We are so lucky that you decided to celebrate your birthday with us! 

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Thank you, Nancy!

nancy tg

We’d like to take a moment and give a HUGE shout out to our amazing kennel manager, Nancy! She does so much for everyone, especially the dogs, at Tail Gate.  Nancy is the heart of Tail Gate and we are so grateful for everything she does and so are our Tail Gaters, like Woowoo, Mickey, and Nike who can’t wait to give Nancy the sloppiest kisses as a thank you. 

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Location. Location. Location.


Tail Gate is located in an industrial area and because of our location, we get to be outside on beautiful days all day long! Our attendants love being outside with the dogs and the dogs love it too! Rosie and Murphee, as you see here, are having a blast playing outside in one of our play areas. They enjoy playing chase, tag, and racing throughout the day. We hope to see your dog enjoying the beautiful summer days too! 

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The head bob


When you say the words “treat,” “walk,” or “Tail Gate” does your puppy do the head bob? The head bob is your dog turning their head from side to side with each word you make. We love the head bob! Oso is demonstrating the head bob here, showing his new friend Logan how do it while Sunny smiles for the picture. 

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Good Luck in your new home!

rollie leaving

Our Tail Gater, Rollie, is moving up to Madison, WI and we will miss him like crazy. We hope that he still thinks of us now and then and we hope to see him again soon. Good luck in your new home!!!! Thank you for spending your last day partying it up at Tail Gate! 

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4th of July is here!


We are so excited to celebrate the 4th of July with so many wonderful puppies and their owners. Although a lot of dogs that are afraid of the loud fireworks, here are a few suggestions on how to keep them comfortable during the loud celebration from our wonderful trainer, Monica. 

  • Keep your dog at home. While it may sound like fun to bring your pet with you to a fireworks show, home is the safest and most responsible place for your pet on the 4th of July. Crowded parks with strangers and fireworks are a great recipe for a completely freaked out pet that gets away from you and winds up on the streets.
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