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Monthly Archives: June 2015

Opening up!

The bull mastiff in the baby pool is Alex. When Alex first started coming to Tail Gate, he was a very scared puppy; he was afraid of other dogs, people, cars, trucks, noises, and everything else. Now, after coming to daycare, he has opened himself up to a whole new world. He loves meeting new friends and he loves trying new things, like splashing in the baby pools. He has been able to show us his amazing, sweet, loving personality and has become such a wonderful dog. If your puppy is a little scared like Alex was, daycare at Tail Gate is an amazing solution. It helps your dog meet new friends, get to know other people, and be outside with different noises and experiences during a positive,

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Tail Gater of the Week

Congratulations to Holly and Ellie on being our Tail Gaters of the week! 

Holly and Ellie


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Swimming in the Sun

Here is Tubby, a little Scottie, and he enjoys being a little motorboat in our pool. 

Tubby in the pool

Our clients would never guess the different types of breeds that enjoy swimming here at Tail Gate. Some of those breeds include Bostons, Labs, Goldens, Scotties, Terriers, Doodles, Pits, and many more! We are so lucky to be able to offer such a fantastic experience for your dog(s) to enjoy during their stay with us, whether it be during daycare or boarding. As you can tell, many different breeds have a blast in the pool. It doesn’t matter what breed your dog is, if you would like your dog to have a chance to learn to swim and see if they’ll enjoy it,

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