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Monthly Archives: March 2015

Happy Birthday, Beckett!!!

Beckett Birthday final

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Birthday Celebration! Happy Birthday, Bailey

Bailey Birthday final

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Congratulations, Blue!!!

BlueBlue is our wiggle man who is full of love! His tail never stops wagging. Blue is a complete athlete! He can play fetch all day long. When blue isn’t chasing a tennis ball, he likes to be by your side or in between your legs waiting for some love. Blue has wiggled his way into all of our hearts here at Tail Gate!

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Today’s Activities!

Best Buds:

  • Hank and Tyler
  • Cosmo and Shredder
  • Uecker and Corey
  • Lola and Lucy
  • Moose and Dill
  • Cinderella and Betty
  • Fox and Max

Hugs and Kisses:

  • Kazi and Bella
  • Charlie and Sunia
  • Magoc and Houlie
  • Sharpie and Aria
  • Blue and Addison
  • Buddy Lou and Ruby

Time of my Life:


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Pet(s) Of The Day!


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Today’s Fun!

Best Pups:

  • Holly and Beckett
  • Harley and Herbie
  • Shane and Remy
  • Elwood and Otis
  • Brady and Dill
  • Teddy and Thunder
  • Stella and Raleigh
  • Ranger and Bailey

Hearts Belong Together:

  • Bronco and Kenzie
  • Kosar and Penelope
  • Rocky and Sylvie
  • Sophie and Dexter
  • Murphy and Ellie
  • Cai and Newman
  • Ruby and Murray
  • Moose and Mila
  • Rosie and Rocky
  • Chica and Hunter
  • Scruffy and Sparky
  • Nina and Oso

Had a Barking Time:


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